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SAP Business Warehouse on HANA combines SAP's BW solution's features with the cutting-edge performance of the HANA in-memory database. This integration reimagines data warehousing using HANA's fast data processing to improve analytics, reporting, and overall system performance. The SAP BW on HANA tutorial is intended for SAP professionals, data analysts, and anyone interested in leveraging SAP BW's power on HANA. It aims to comprehensively understand BW's fundamentals, implementation, and use of HANA for robust data warehousing and analytics solutions.

SAP BW on HANA (SAP Business Warehouse on SAP HANA) is a data warehousing solution that combines the capabilities of SAP BW with the in-memory computing power of SAP HANA It enables organizations to make faster and more informed decisions by storing and processing data in-memory, eliminating the need for traditional disk-based database

Features Of SAP BW ON HANA

1.RSA1 - Administrator Workbench: RSA1 is a central transaction for administering all aspects of your BW system. You can create InfoObjects, InfoProviders, and DataSources and perform various modeling and administrative tasks.

2.RSD1 - Create InfoObject: Use this transaction to create new InfoObjects or modify existing ones. InfoObjects are the building blocks of your data models.

3.RSO2 - DataStore Object: This transaction is used to create and manage DataStore Objects (DSOs). DSOs are a key part of your data storage and transformation strategy in BW.

4.RSMO - Monitor for Data Transfer Process: When you load data into BW from source systems, you use Data Transfer Processes (DTPs). RSMO is used for monitoring and troubleshooting DTPs.

5.RSB1 - InfoProviders: This transaction is used for creating and managing InfoProviders, which include InfoCubes, DSOs, and InfoObject catalogs.

6.RSA3 - Extractor Checker: When working with SAP source systems, you can use RSA3 to check and extract data from the source system to BW.

7.RSD2 - Edit InfoProvider: You can use this transaction to change the properties and settings of InfoProviders such as InfoCubes, DSOs, and MultiProviders.

8.RSPC - Process Chain Maintenance: Process chains are used to automate and schedule data loading, transformation, and other processes in BW. RSPC is where you create and maintain these chains.

9.RSRQ - Replicate DataSource: This transaction is used to replicate data sources from source systems to BW. It's essential when you want to use DataSources for data extraction.

10.RSRT - BEx Web Analyzer: For business users, RSRT is a key transaction to access the BEx Web Analyzer for ad-hoc reporting and analysis.

11.RSRV - Repair Request: If there are data inconsistencies or errors in your BW data, you can use RSRV to perform checks and repairs.

12.RSBWREMOTE - Data Loading and Activation Monitor: This transaction is used to monitor and manage data loading and activation processes in BW.

13.RSMON - BW Administrator Workbench: RSMON provides an overview of the system's status and performance. You can monitor processes and data loads and manage various system activities.

14.RSD1H - HANA Information Modeler: If you're working with BW on HANA, this transaction allows you to create and manage HANA information models, including composite providers and advanced views.

The SAP BW on Hana training program is designed to help participants learn how to leverage SAP ABAP programming in the context of SAP BW on HANA, a high-performance, in-memory database. Participants will gain hands-on experience developing and optimizing ABAP applications on the HANA platform.

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The average salary for SAP BW ON HANA consultants range between $102,500 - $149,500.


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