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Introduction To SAP Fieldglass

SAP Feildglass is a cloud–based software system that enables companies to optimize the use of external vendors, contractors, and other workforces. This helps the organization to achieve visibility of the total workforce, improve the quality of workers, and also compliance enforcement.

SAP Fieldglass is an on-live invoicing tool facilitating the electronic submission of invoice details and payments to vendors. Process efficiency, Accessibility where the internet is available, added visibility, data centralization, and traceability at all stages of the process are the main advantages of SAP Fieldglass.

Vendor Management System (VMS) provided by SAP Fieldglass will help organizations find, engage, manage, pay, and unlock more value from this growing external workforce – anywhere in the world. In managing company’s contingent workers across any region or industry, including aerospace & defense, utilities, construction, rail, banking, professional services, Etc. VMS plays an important role.

One of the advantages of the SAP Fieldglass platform is that it can be integrated with other SAP cloud applications, including SAP Ariba for procurement and SAP Success Factors for HR management. Sap Fieldglass can trigger a procurement process for suppliers more effectively than in SAP Ariba.

Features Of SAP Fieldglass

  • Control, manage and monitor authoritative spending.
  • Fieldglass accessibility to overcome complications in procurement.
  • The straightforward purchasing process can improve compliance where the employees appreciate and utilize it more.
  • Automated procurement to easy pay control procedures to lessen cost as well as blunders.
  • Work together effectively with providers and assist them with improving their cash flow with on-time payments.

What Next After Completing SAP Fieldglass Online Training?

    With SAP Fieldglass online training, you have the opportunity to get highly paid employment opportunities with large corporations globally and in India. Experienced pro or just starting, SAP Fieldglass has a career path for you!
    Top industries that are implementing SAP Fieldglass technology are waiting for you!

  • IT and Computer Software
  • Finance and Banking
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunication

Job Title for SAP Fieldglass

  • SAP Fieldglass consultant
  • Sap Fieldglass Professional

Key Features Of Our Training :

    • Interactive online training for better learning.
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What You’ll Learn?

    • Review of SAP Fieldglass and its Importance
    • Contingent workforce management industry
    • Difference between a contingent and a services worker
    • The role an MSP/PMO plays in managing a contingent workforce
    • Features that make SAP Fieldglass the VMS industry leader
    • Role of each department within SAP Fieldglass that helps to make it the industry lead

Best Suited For :

    • IT Professionals
    • SAP MM  consultants
    • All SAP Experts.
    • Stakeholder.
    • SAP functional consultants.
    • Business Professionals.
    • Experienced employees from  SAP SD ,   SAP PP ,   SAP PM

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Best Online Career provides a range of Online SAP Training. Best Online Career’s SAP fieldglass online training is well designed and mentored by a team of experts. SAP fieldglass course offers a deep understanding of the module, it’s functionalities and integrations.

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SAP Fieldglass Interview Questions and Answers

    SAP Fieldglass is a software framework used to support the contingent staff management system of the company. The suppliers (or vendors) providing workers will be asked to use the same application to submit candidates, When organization implements a contingent workforce management program that uses the application Sign work orders, and request time and payroll expenses.
    By creating the first unified technology platform that enables transparency into an organization's complete contingent workforce programmer and assists firms in optimizing programme performance and making more strategic labor decisions, it became a pioneer in vendor management solutions.
    SAP Fieldglass is being implemented across the entire organization to not only more efficiently procure, manage, and optimize our external workforce, but also to help with innovative solutions by harnessing the power of data and digital while contributing to Novartis' digital aspiration. It enables us to streamline and simplify the entire process, from the creation of a statement of work to contract signature, service delivery, and billing. SAP Fieldglass is used for both contingent labour and services.

    A cloud base software, SAP Fieldglass helps businesses manage their external workforces, which include , temporary workers, contractors , contingent labour, and statement of work employees.
    SAP Filedglass platform helps companies reduce, enforce compliance, costs, improve worker and supplier quality, and increase program efficiencies.
    It is a web-based application that can be accessed through any internet browser. Fieldglass does not require any installation on your computer; all you need is an internet connection to use it.

    1. Aids businesses in the purchase and procurement of external services. Simplifies vendor onboarding.
    2. Assists hiring managers in selecting the best candidates.
    3. Assists in the management of timesheets, deliverables, and the payment process.
    4. HR functions such as job descriptions, evaluations, and security passes are available.
    5. Contracts, purchase orders, and invoices now have additional capabilities.
    6. It aids in the tracking of contingent labour spending. Provides a set of tools for reporting, visualisation, and benchmarking.
    7. Analyzes customer service and purchasing activities There is no overlap with any other SAP products.

    A vendor management system (VMS) is a cloud-based application that allows both the buyer and the supplier to keep track of an external workforce. VMS centralizes supplier and worker data to provide transaction visibility.
    What are the Functions of Vendor Management System?
    1. Contract compliance must be enforced.
    2. Keep costs under control.
    3. Reduce the risk.
    4. Ensure high-quality hires.
    5. Create effective hiring procedures.
    6. Improve your purchasing decisions

    When you complete the SAP Fieldglass online training, you have opportunity to get highly paid job opportunities across the globe. Either you are experienced or just a new learner, SAP Fieldglass offers you a great career options.
    Top industries that are implementing SAP Fieldglass technology are waiting for you!
    • IT and Computer Software
    • Finance and Banking
    • Staffing and Recruiting
    • Chemical Industry
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Telecommunication

    • SAP Fieldglass consultant
    • Sap Fieldglass Professional

Advance SAP Fieldglass Interview Questions

    SAP Fieldglass on-boarding automates the workflow associated with bringing a new individual on-board, including paperwork requirements, background checks, supply needs, orientation, personnel introductions, and more. Each step is documented to ensure it’s completed correctly, allowing your workers to transition into their roles more quickly and confidently.
    SAP Fieldglass off-boarding ensures the successful departure of each resource. Managers can follow a proven workflow that includes returning company inventory, revocation of third party access, termination paperwork, exit interviews, and more. Departures are handled appropriately every time without costly and critical mistakes.

    Meta Data: Meta Data is data about Data. It tells you about the structure of data or MetaObjects.
    Master Data: This Data is key business information like Customer information, Employee, Materials, etc. This is more like a reference data for Ex. If a customer orders 10 units of your product instead of asking the customer for his shipping address 10 times, the same can be referenced from the Customer Master Data.
    Transaction Data: This is data related to day to day transactions.

    There are 2 main integrations to manage access to SAP Fieldglass: Users and Single Sign On. The user integration takes the user information from the core identity management system and translates it into Fieldglass user profiles. Much like with a manual upload, a standard connector can add, modify and close users.

    Cloud4C helps enterprises drive innovation, manage costs, governance and risks associated with their workloads on Google Cloud Platform. Google cloud is emerging as a preferred cloud platform for organizations of all sizes due to the flexibility, cost savings, reliability and a vast array of smart AI,ML tools delivered to their enterprise partners.

    The Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanism with user name and password provides an alternative for applications that cannot accept and verify SAP logon tickets. With this SSO mechanism the Portal Server uses user mapping information provided by users or administrators to give the portal user access to external systems.

    • SAP Fieldglass Business Analytics API:

    SAP Fieldglass APIs make it simple to manage your contingent workforce and enable innovation. Activate SAP Fieldglass to support, automate and extend SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud Contingent Labor and Statement of Work management processes.

    • SAP Fieldglass API framework:

    The SAP Fieldglass open API framework delivers seamless integrations with major technology solution providers to help customers transform how they engage and manage the external workforce. Connecting the external workforce to the digital core.

    • SAP Fieldglass Background Check API Integration:

    The SAP Fieldglass Background Check REST API resource allows background check providers to post results back to SAP Fieldglass. This integration is only available on the Contingent Work Order module in SAP Fieldglass. Also available as PDF SAP Fieldglass Business Analytics API Technical Specification

    • SAP Fieldglass REST API Integration:

    The SAP Fieldglass REST API resource allows clients to send and receive integrated data directly against the application. Information can either upload (POST) or download (GET) data from the authenticated user, with data In/Out supported in JSON/CSV formats. SAP Fieldglass can also PUSH data real time to the client-defined end point, where applicable.

    • SAP Fieldglass Approvals API Integration:

    The SAP Fieldglass Approvals REST API resource allows clients to approve or reject SAP Fieldglass work items. Clients retrieve the work items pending an approval action from the authenticated user and return the workflow action to be performed—either approve or reject.

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