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SAP IBP Online Training

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  • 45 Hours
  • 2000+ Student Enrolled

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a cloud-based planning solution that is simple, easy to use, and effective. To be able to adjust your operations to current difficulties, you must have tools that can evaluate, manage, and alter your data in order to best meet your logistical challenges. Because of rising demand volatility, network complexity, and the difficulty to collect and share a comprehensive perspective of the supply network, the international portion of today's supply chain is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

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Course Overview

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a SAP HANA-based real-time integrated planning system. It offers unified, integrated planning across sales and operations, demand and inventory, as well as an analytical dashboard for monitoring.

By merging planning activities like as sales and operations planning, demand planning, inventory management, and buying planning, SAP IBP helps to manage numerous end-to-end processes in real-time.

Key Features of SAP Integrated Business Planning

  • Visibility of the whole supply chain.
  • Approach to planning that is unified, integrated, and cross-departmental.
  • User interface that is simple and straightforward to utilize.
  • Advanced demand sensing, analysis, and forecasting.
  • Outlining the SAP Integrated Business Planning solution strategy
  • Positioning SAP IBP among other supply chain Areas
  • Architecture of SAP IBP powered by HANA.
  • Navigating in the SAP Integrated Business Planning Web UI
  • Creating an SAP Fiori Persona
  • Navigating in the Integrated Business Planning Microsoft Excel UI
  • Modelling a Business Process Using SAP Integrated Business Planning

    1. Using Configuration to Model a Business
    2. Creating an Attribute
    3. Creating a simple Master Data Type
    4. Compounding a Master Data Type
    5. Creating a Time Profile
    6.Creating a Planning Area
    7. Creating a Key figure
    8. Writing a Key Figure Calculation
    9. Creating a Version

    1. Activating a Planning Area
    2. Creating a Reason Code

  • Introduction to HCI (Hana Cloud Integration )
  • HCI topics
  • Identifying Data import Options
  • Importing Data Using the SAP Integrated Business Planning Web UI
  • User Access maintenance and features in the SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • Creating Visibility Filter
  • Creating Use Preferences
  • Creating a Microsoft Excel Template and Favourite
  • Performing a Simulation
  • Formatting a Planning View
  • Viewing a Dashboard Char
  • Creating a Drill Down
  • Incorporating Disaggregation Methods in Integrated Business Planning
  • Deletion of Active object
  • Adding supply Configuration to an Active Planning Area
  • Setting up an alert in a favourite
  • Copying Data Between Versions

    • Creating a Helper Key Figures

  • Managing a Forecast model.
  • Managing a Forecast modeIdentifying Global Configuration Options.
  • SAP2 Master data Objects
  • Analysing the SAP2 Model
  • Key figures with other periodicities
  • Naming Conventions
  • Change History
  • Version management

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